Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Our primary concern is to reflect upon, understand, and improve the effectiveness of strategic management. We seek a balance between empirical research and philosophical reflection and between topics of broad concern as well as sharply focused work of considerable depth. In both cases we look for significant implications for knowledge development and practice - for the "big picture."

We welcome submissions from a range of theoretical and methodological frameworks. We will publish work that is conscious of its epistemological and value assumptions, is consistent with its declared framework, and achieves a high level of excellence.

The scope of the journal mirrors the domain of the Business Policy and Strategy division of the Academy of Management. As such, the journal is interested in "the roles and problems of general managers - those who manage multibusiness firms or multi-functional business units."

Major topics include: strategy formulation and implementation; strategic planning and decision processes; strategic control and reward systems; resource allocation; diversification and portfolio strategies; competitive strategy; selection and behavior of general managers; and the composition and processes of top management teams.

We especially welcome submissions from new scholars in strategic management, in particular, doctoral students and junior faculty. (We invite you to introduce yourself by posting in our Thesis Abstract section of the site.) At SMR, we recognize the considerable time pressures these members of the strategic management community face with hiring and tenure deadlines and we are deeply committed to reducing the cycle time from submission to editorial decision to publication.

Moreover, this reduced cycle time will not come at the expense of quality. We are committed to a target acceptance rate of 30% - about the same acceptance rate as competitive papers submitted to the BPS division for the Annual Academy of Management Meeting. If your paper was accepted for the Academy meeting you should have a reasonable expectation of it being published in SMR.

In fact, a paper accepted in the competitive track of any major English-speaking conference (e.g. the Strategic Management Society, European Academy of Management, British Academy of Management, Canadian Administrative Sciences Association, or Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management) can be expected to be well-received at SMR. We do not privilege the data or theoretical/methodological concerns of one geographical region over another.

Please contact the Editor-in-Chief if you have any questions regarding the suitability of your manuscript for the journal.

Section Policies


Submissions to this section will go through the traditional double-blind peer-reviewed process. Our goal is to complete the editorial process in 4-6 weeks (adding any time the manuscript is back with the author for revisions).

Book Reviews

This section publishes timely reviews of books of interest to the strategic management community.

Rebecca Guidice, UNLV


This section is designed to reflect upon the state of the strategic management field, including major reviews of sub-fields, debates and dialogs, and calls for new directions. Authors are encouraged to discuss the suitability of proposed submissions to this section with the Editor-in-Chief.

Peer Review Process

Q. Is the journal peer-reviewed?
A. The journal adheres to a standard double-blind review process.

Q. How many reviewers review each manuscript?
A. Every manuscript is reviewed by at least two reviewers.

Q. What criteria do reviewers use to judge submissions?
A. The journal has a targeted acceptance rate of 30% - about the same as the competitive papers track at major international conferences, such as the Annual Academy of Management Meeting. It follows that any paper accepted at a major competitive conference should have a strong probability of being accepted in SMR. Specifically reviewers are asked to comment on the originality and quality of a manuscript. A quality manuscript is one that adheres to its declared theoretical and methodological frameworks and communicates in a clear, concise manner. Any reviewer comments are required to minimize theoretical, methodological, or personal biases against a particular approach. The journal seeks to be the "journal of record" for interesting insights or results in the field of strategic management, regardless of theoretical or methodological stance. The bottom line is whether an article adds to the on-going "conversation" in strategic management.

Q. What is the typical time taken to conduct reviews?
A. Reviewers are asked to return their reviews within 14 days. Our experience is that a quality review can be completed within a day or less. The real question is whether the reviewer has the time to devote to the review within a 14 day window. If not, they can respectfully decline the request to review. If they agree then we can reasonably expect a rapid turnaround will result. Consistent failure to adhere to review deadlines will result in removal from the editorial board.

Q. How are reviewers recruited?
A. When authors and readers register for the site they also have the option to sign up as reviewers and list their areas of research expertise. This pool of reviewers is matched against the keywords in a paper to select appropriate reviewers. Reviewers are then rated on the quality of their reviews. A reviewer with four or more satisfactory reviews within a twelve month period becomes eligible for membership of the editorial board of the journal.

Publication Frequency

Newly accepted articles will appear continuously on this site but a new issue will be started every quarter and a new volume every year.


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